Nano Biotechnology and Vaccine Technology

Nano biotechnology the branch of science and technology that deals with proportions and acceptances especially the operation of individual atoms and molecules which are in biological systems. Major concepts that are improved through Nano-biology include Nano devices such as biological machines, nanoparticles, and Nano scale phenomena that occur within the discipline of nanotechnology. Vaccine Technology is branch that deals science which recombinant vaccine are always involves in formation where some of technology are determined self-assembling constructs that express a viral antigen, but they do not contain the necessary material to replicate.


  • Application of biochemicals in nanotechnology
  • Morden drug delivery system
  • Molecular and cellular vaccine
  • Vaccines: New insights and development
  • Clinical trial and clinical data management
  • Antibiotics and drug discovery

Related Conference of Nano Biotechnology and Vaccine Technology

December 07-08, 2023

17th International Conference on Genomics & Pharmacogenomics

San Francisco, USA

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