Biomedical and Metabolic Engineering

Biomedical engineering deals with the biology and provides valuable solution for problem solving technique. It exposes the answer for problem arises in health care instruments. It predominant towards the diagnostic clinical devices which also involves in therapeutic proceedings. Metabolic engineering optimized study of genetically factors and metabolic structure of cells. It also helps to determine the regulatory process to increase the count of benefiter cells. Its aim is to use organisms to produce desirable substances on an industrial scale in a in effect manner.


  • Tissue engineering, biomaterial and artificial organ
  • Biomedical and imaging
  • Biotechnology and disease control
  • Molecular basics of life

Related Conference of Biomedical and Metabolic Engineering

December 07-08, 2023

17th International Conference on Genomics & Pharmacogenomics

San Francisco, USA

Biomedical and Metabolic Engineering Conference Speakers

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