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25th Global Biotechnology Congress, will be organized around the theme “Rejuvenating the Advancements in Biotechnology”

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Biotechnology, a branch of applied science is a broad area of biology involving the application of living systems and organisms to produce products and processes .Contingent upon the strategies and applications, it frequently covers with the (related) fields of bioengineering, biomedical designing, bio manufacturing, Biomass and Bioenergy etc. Biotechnology is based on the basic biological sciences such as molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, embryology, genetics and microbiology and conversely provides methods to support and perform basic research in biology.

Pharmacogenomics, sometimes also called as Pharmacogenetics, is a field of research that studies how a person’s genes affect and respond to medications. Its long-term goal is to help doctors with selection of the drugs and doses that are best suited for a person. It is a part of the field of precision medicine, which aims to treat patients individually. Pharmacogenomics is a type of genetic testing that looks for small variations within genes.

Algal biotechnology is the technological application of algae that might be an innovation created utilizing green growth. The phylogenetic diversity of the algae is also reflected in the diversity of territories they can be present in, and their morphological, physiological and biochemical diversity. Many natural products along with vitamins, organic acids, polypeptides and polysaccharides are secreted by algae. Algal cells need not be free floating but may be immobilized on the surfaces where they can serve as biocatalyst.

Medical Biotechnology is a branch of science used for the study of living organisms and cell materials to research for producing medicinal and diagnosing products that is useful in the treatment and prevention of the diseased conditions. With the much advancement in medical biotechnology, there are new concerns that have risen. Clinical Biotechnology highlights huge effect on gathering the preconditions of patients and their families since it not exclusively compasses meds and clinical claim to fame that are processing plant made utilizing a biotechnological strategy.

Plant Biotechnology is a science with set of techniques that uses plants for specific needs and opportunities. It has been instrumental in elevating crop productivity to improve food, feed, and fibre security, and in reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture. Agriculture Biotechnology is a branch of agricultural science involving techniques to modify living organisms, plants, animals and microorganisms. Quality joining may wind up in better keeping properties to make transport of late production simpler, giving customers admittance to healthily significant entire food varieties and forestalling rot, harm, and loss of supplements. Biotechnology is illustrated collectively of things that utilize living life forms (or components of creatures) to make or adjust an item, improve plants, trees or creatures, or create microorganisms for explicit employments.

Biotechnology is applied and examination of the normal environment. Ecological biotechnology may be concluded that single attempt and tackling measure for mechanical utilizations and misuse. Ecological biotechnology is referred as "the turn of events, use and guideline of natural frameworks for alteration of sullied conditions and for climate acceptable cycles (green delivering innovations and property advancement)".It will briefly be referred as "the great utilization of nature, inside the style of plants, creatures, microscopic organisms, growths and protoctist, to supply environment friendly power, food and supplements in an extremely synergistic incorporated pattern of profit making techniques any place the misuse of each interaction turns into the feedstock for one another cycle".

Nano biotechnology mentions to the convergence of designing science and science applications. Just if the subject is one that has exclusively arouse horribly as of late, Bio designing science and Nano biotechnology work cover terms for various associated innovations. The chief basic destinations that square measure regularly found in Nano science include applying Nano apparatuses to important clinical/natural issues and remodelling of these applications. The imaging of local biomolecules, natural films, and tissues is also a makeable point for the Nano-science scientists. Elective points with reference to Nano science embrace the use of cantilever exhibit sensors and in this manner the utilization of Nano-photonics for controlling sub-atomic cycles in living cells.

Bioprocess Engineering combines biotechnology and designing for the purpose of creation of materials from inexhaustible feedstock. This field includes basic bio atomic assessment on proteins, compounds and organisms, moreover as work on biosensors and bioreactors. Applications that  hold food life cycle and conservation; drug, nutraceutical and sugar creation; air and waste material treatment; bio-based underlying themes for above sub-atomic structures; microfluidics for bioreactors and DNA chips; bioenergy; and applications inside the mash and paper firm. The square measure normally connects to medication applications, which is likely to tranquilize digestion, tissue designing and bio-based helpful medicines. The option U.S compound end-use item market is relied upon to increasing from $149.9 billion out of 2016 to an expected $345.6 billion by the end of 2021.

Bioenergy is that the energy that is contained in natural matter (biomass) which may be brought back to life into energy shapes that we will make use of simple, similar to power, warmth and fluid fuel. Biomass is any natural matter of as of late living plant or creature starting. Unlike coal, the natural matter isn't fossilized. Indeed woody biomass has been utilized for bioenergy; yet more current advancements have extended the expected assets to those like horticultural deposits, oilseeds and secures. These high level bioenergy innovations give the property development of the bioenergy exchange, while not contender with the standard rural exchange for land and assets. Bioenergy plants can go from little home-grown warming frameworks to multi-megawatt modern plants needing countless heavy loads of biomass fuel every year. An assortment of restructuring exists to unharness and utilize the energy contained in biomass.

Now a day’s biotechnology can assume a noticeable part in fulfilling our future food needs in a feasible way. Biotech can expand crop yields, help raise new harvests, and adjust the already existing harvests to be developed on peripheral grounds with diminished new water sources. The innovation may not just improvise the nourishing nature of staple food sources, however can likewise lower the need to develop crops on deforested land. Growing advancement in biotechnology are decreasing the time and cost to provide improved food and feed strains and to design crops with improved dry spell and saltiness resilience and improved health quality. New biotechnology apparatuses empower researchers to acquaint biochemical pathways with cells so we can raise plants that are protected and acute wellsprings of these supplements.

Microbial or white biotechnology uses compounds and micro living beings to make bio fundamental and economical based product in areas like synthetics, food and feed, cleansers, paper and mash, materials and bioenergy. The machine of business biotechnology has been totally attempted to make significant commitments towards alleviating the effects of worldwide environmental change in these and selected areas. Moreover to natural benefits, biotechnology will improve industry's exhibition and items worth and, on the grounds that the innovation creates and develops, white biotechnology can put forth more and more suitable answers for our environmental factors. These imaginative arrangements bring extra profits for each our environment and our economy.