Environmental and Petroleum biotechnology

Environmental biotechnology is current trend to use to study the natural environment. It could also suggest that one try to harness biological process and it for commercial uses and exploitation. The use and regulation of biological systems for remediation of contaminated environments such as land, air, water, and for environment-friendly processes are treated by biological system or biological products. Petroleum biotechnology deals with the study of biotechnology that can metabolize or alter crude or refined petroleum products. Some biological substance are been used to can degrade hydrocarbons. It includes a wide distribution of biological organism such as bacteria, and some fungi.


  • Biocatalysts for bio cracking /metal elimination of petroleum
  • Bio refining and bio processing of crude oils
  • Bioremediation, biodegradation and biotransformation techniques
  • Sewage and waste water treatment process
  • Land, water, air pollution control and management
  • Hazardous, medical and solid waste management
  • Ecosystem management and restoration techniques

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